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These articles on meditation were written by Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom NA, a long time meditator and long time homeopath.

May 03


Meditation How and Why? Whether your faith is Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, or atheist, it doesn’t matter, all humans can benefit from meditation. Meditation at its core is the simplest and most natural human activity. It is taking time to connect with the source of who we are. When studying meditation techniques from …

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Feb 21

The Elements of Health

Hand Washing

The Elements of Health What does it take to be healthy? Is it enough just to take a homeopathic remedy? The answer is absolutely not. Health has to be approached from many angles. The first ingredient is nutrition. You can prescribe the best remedies, but if the nutrition is poor then the remedies will be …

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Apr 02

Balancing Housework and Your Life

Tired of Washign the Dishes

Balancing Housework and Your Life In your free time how do you select where to put your energies, going on the premise that in a day there is so much time available, and so much energy to do the work you would like to do. Is there a principle you could follow to help you …

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Jun 29

Mudras for Meditation

I first saw somebody doing mudras for meditation while walking in my local park in 2005. A young woman, who looked like she recently came from China, was doing her yoga and meditation practice on a blanket on the grass. As part of her meditation she was using mudras or hand gestures. I was fascinated, …

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Feb 10

The Transformation from Illness to Health

The Transformation from Illness to Health and Steps along the Way What makes a sick person different from a healthy person, and how can people move from one side of the health equation to the other? This is truly a spiritual and temporal transformation encompassing every aspect of life. I have noticed that healthy people …

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Feb 10

Why I Meditate

Rather than quoting a brilliant writing by an enlightened spiritual teacher, I will speak here about why I meditate, and the benefits to be incurred from a meditation practice. One of the most important benefits of meditation is developing the self-observer or witness. In meditating the meditator tries to quiet the mental chatter that is …

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Feb 09

Mental Exercises for Inner Peace

I have written these Mental Exercises for Inner Peace as a self awareness tool, and as a guide to help people gain control over their minds when they have difficulty breaking out of the cycle of obsessive thinking. Thoughts can locate in the body as physical and emotional reactions. Watch your thoughts and observe if …

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Sep 18

Meditation for People Who Cannot Sit Still

Meditation for People Who Cannot Sit Still When you think of meditation what comes to your mind’s eye? An image that comes to mine is the Buddha sculptures showing the Buddha sitting cross legged  or in lotus position on a lotus flower, his hands laying one on top of another with the thumbs touching  on …

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