Jul 23

What Makes Me a Good Homeopath

What Makes Me a Good Homeopath


What makes me a good homeopath is that I am not the doer. I take the case, I type the notes, I do the repertorization. I make the charts. I attempt to analyze and make sense of all the data. All of this is just the work.

The final step is where I surrender doership to something mysterious, unknowable, unfathomable within myself that takes over. That something in me is inseparable from that something in the client and something happens. I have no idea how it happens, only that it happens, and I am so happy that it does.

I feel good because the work is accomplished and accomplished well. My clients are happy because they have been prescribed a good remedy by a conscientious person in alignment with a transcendent force that knows what is needed, and healing and love transpire. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The question may be asked, “Why do I not stop at the first step, which is the accomplishment of the work.” The reason for this is that life and experience have taught me that the rational mind is extremely good at thinking it knows something, and creating supporting arguments for its theories, ideas and beliefs. The truth, however, is that the mind has only a limited view. It loves its own cleverness and its ability to make judgments and form opinions.

All of this is well and good, except that believing something to be true does not make it true, and supporting false arguments does not make them correct.

This is why I trust intuition far more than the reasoning mind. Surrendering the ego’s assumptions and presumptions to a higher power with humility, love, trust and faith, is, from my experience, the best way to come to truth, and be able to spread health and love in the world.

In love and service,

Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)

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