May 31

Homeopathy Service Without Ego

Mahatma Gandhi - Service Without Ego

Mahatma Gandhi – Service Without Ego

Homeopathy Service Without Ego

Here is a slideshow entitled Homeopathy Service Without Ego made by Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA) for the California Homeopathic Medical Society annual conference in May 2018.

The slideshow talks about the role of intuition in homeopathic practice, how to cultivate and access that intuition, and the benefits this can have for everyone. Deborah also talks about the principles of Karma Yoga and how they apply to homeopathy, as well as to all lines of work.

The last part of the slideshow talks about unity consciousness, or the recognition that we are all One. This is a necessary view point in order to work intuitively with people, and helps the homeopath connect to her clients with love. These are principles which can be used by everyone and that help inject love into human relationships.


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