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Treating Autism With Homeopathy

I Love Someone with Autism

I Love Someone with Autism

Treating Autism with Homeopathy – Service Without Ego

I have been treating Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) children for many years, and the experience has humbled me. I cannot claim miracle cures, except for a few cases – and I can’t even say this for sure—as I do not have long term follow-up. What I can say is that most of these children have been helped with the homeopathic treatment they received from me, and made progress toward improved health and well being.

There are a few  families with ASD children who have stuck by me for an extended time with my classical homeopathic approach. We make progress, and changes happen that improves the lives of these children and their families. It is a slow, sometimes exhilarating, and sometimes frustrating process.

My method of working is to ask the parents to complete a questionnaire, which I review and use to create an analysis sheet with, and from which I begin the repertorization process. Actually I do materia medica searches on ReferenceWorks from Synergy Homeopathy. The reason I do this is that I can see what is actually said about each symptom. I do double check every remedy under each symptom that I look up.

My partner in my work is God, the Self, or the intuitive mind, (whatever you wish to name it), because I have found that it is impossible to practice homeopathy strictly at the level of the intellect. This is the first thing one realizes when learning about remedies—the therapeutic properties of the remedies bypass reason and logic. We are talking about the sacred when we are speaking about remedies, their healing properties, and the mysteries of human health.

So more important than developing analytical abilities, and a vast storehouse in one’s mind of materia medica, is spiritual development gained through meditation practice and introspection. I am an instrument of the divine power, which guides me in assisting the people attracted to me for homeopathic treatment. More precisely there is no separation between God, Myself, my clients and the remedies. At the deepest level we are all one.

Here is a case of a preteen autistic boy in process. I will present his analysis sheet, which summarizes his story, and gives the remedies and dates they were given. At the end I will present his last chart of symptoms, so you can see the progress of the case. Much has been accomplished and much is left to be done. I hope this will be helpful to other homeopaths, and people seeking help for their children.

How beautiful it is when people do not expect a miracle cure and come willing to work hard along with the homeopath, and feel gratitude for every little positive change. How wonderful when people are not attached to outcomes, but accept where their children are at in the moment with love and surrender.  I am very privileged to know such extraordinary people. My heart swells with love for them. The parents of this boy are such people.

Here is the case starting with the analysis sheet.

Roland’s Analysis  Sheet 9/21/15

Diagnosis: Autism. He is non-verbal but is a physical dynamo and in excellent physical shape. He is homeschooled.


Very hyperactive:  Roland prefers to be moving at all times and is very “heavy handed” with everything. He does not experience a downturn until right before bedtime. Even when he is sitting he is rocking.  He would turn his music all the way up. He dances, he runs back and forth, runs around the house.

He has trouble holding a pencil but can manage a fork and spoon.

Perspiration: Depending on the activity he engages in. it is easy for him to sweat all over.  He loves to be covered up with his heavy comforter when he is going to bed.

Sleep: Terrible sleep problems. He has no problem going to sleep; its staying asleep that is tough for him.  Goes to sleep at 8:30-9pm and wakes between 2:30-6:30am.  The earlier he wakes in the morning the more hyperactivity he expresses. He is almost manic.

Sensitive to loud noise

Dark circles at all times under his eyes.

Seasonal allergies were really bad when he was going to school. They were so bad that his eyes would swell. He had a lot of snorting. His throat and ears would itch tremendously.

Health History:

In the past, he suffered from allergies both seasonal and food (gluten, dairy).  He had eczema basically from birth that just cleared up in April of 2014. Since going gluten and dairy free in 2013 he lost his bloated look and it calmed his emotions.  He has always tippy walked in and out and it usually correlated with stomach discomfort. He has had a history of constipation.

Vaccinations: Roland was vaccinated up until 1 year of age.

Personal History:

“Roland was conceived a year after his sister was born.  The pregnancy was totally unplanned, I was in poor health when I got pregnant with him.  Worn out from little sleep, severe candida, depressed with marital problems.  I was happy about the blessing but felt that it was too much of a physical burden for myself and to put on my husband. I held the energy of that the whole pregnancy and in turn I’m sure Roland felt unwanted from the start.” -Mom

“Looking at the situation now, it is easy for me to see how Roland is in this condition.  He was conceived in depression.  I was not happy at all in my life and career.  Depressed that life was changing so quickly.  I was no longer the center of my world.  Immature and acting out, l let life get a hold on me and I took it out on my family.  To this day, I still feel that my son’s condition is a result of me not being there for him when he needed me.” -Dad

Roland was distant from the time he was born.  He did not like or feel attached to any of us with good reason.  He would scream all day from 7 am until he went to sleep at 7 pm.  He was in pain.  He was so bloated and swollen.  His head seemed very large.

He cried inconsolably for a year every day.  After a year it seemed to fade and he looked well.  He began to talk at one and a half years old but it faded by two years of age.  He hit all his milestones physically.

Both mom and dad have developed a loving understanding relationship with Roland,


Very affectionate, always hugging and kissing.

Bites himself: He gets frustrated and bites himself on the wrist to show his anger. He bites himself and whines if he can’t get what he wants.

Bites his nails when he is nervous:

Moodiness: Roland is very moody, going from zero to hundred in 2 seconds.  He gets angry usually around food. Angry to so affectionate. When he was a baby he was inconsolable and didn’t care to be close to us. Now he is super affectionate. He likes the hug, likes the deep pressure, he loves to be tickled, and will come sit with you and fall on you.

Fears: He has a fear of elevators, escalators. He gets really worried if dad walks out of the house. Dad says if there is something out of the routine, he gets really nervous and will bite his fingernails.

Fear trying new things: Raphael has a fear of trying new things but will warm up after seeing the activity.

If something is out of his routine, he will start to get nervous and bite on his nails. If he senses something.

Demanding, controlling and stubborn: He does not like to be told “No.” He doesn’t like to be told what to do. He does not like being told no. He will bite his wrist and whine.

Food obsession. Please see the food section below.

Clairvoyant: He has ESP, Telepathy. He is sympathetically telepathic. He can sense what anybody in the family is thinking and will pick up on all the energy in the house.  From birth he expressed all the sadness and anger mixed with his own.  He was a sponge and a channel for everything that was unsaid between his dad and mom. He does not talk but reads facial emotions very quickly and easily.  He knows when you are happy. Some of his perceptions are so supernatural.

He is always loud and babbling.

Envious of the attention in the house: He gets envious of the attention in the house.

Whininess and Irritability: He has always been irritable. That is part of his personality. When he is not feeling good, he gets very whiny.

Comprehension lacking: Comprehension of the words is not there. We have done every test. hearing is fine, MRI is perfect, blood test is perfect.

Reading comprehension is also poor.

Nonverbal: He is still non verbal. He can say beginning sounds of things.


Weather: Rain amel; amel in nature, agg full moon.

Temperature: He is usually on the warm side because of his hyperactivity and depending on the activity he engages in is easy to sweat all over. Loves to be covered up with his heavy comforter when he is going to bed.  Kicks his covers off during sleep but wakes to want them replaced.  Head sweats at night.

Times of Day: Roland is hyperactive most of the day and does not experience a downturn until right before bedtime.

Morning aggravation: He has an unusually hard time in the morning upon 5 minutes after waking. He whines, bites himself, and sometimes cries.  He does this every morning until he eats his breakfast.


Roland has autism.  He is non-verbal but is a physical dynamo.  He is stronger and bigger (not obese) than most children his age and is a talented gymnast with exceptional balance and athleticism. He has excellent eye contact.  He has an excellent memory.  He can concentrate on something when he likes the activity.

Activities Enjoys:

Roland enjoys his Ipad, computer, horseback riding, and playing with water.


He eats according to the “Gaps Diet” and seems to digest the food very well. Does not have a problem with eating anything except fruit.  He stuffs food in his mouth when he eats.  Totally obsessed with food.  We have to lock the pantry and he darts into the kitchen when anyone walks in there.  He is like a bottomless pit.  He loves eggs.  Very thirsty which he is given water (he requests it always with ice) or tea.


(This is where I put my thoughts down, and if I am studying a particular symptom, I will note the remedies that have the symptom. I am looking at some of the remedies with bites himself below).

Bites himself: Look at: Tarentula.
Syph has biting sensations, but not bites himself.
Stramonium has biting himself.

Sol-t-ae has biting. Very interesting remedy. It is Solanum tuberosum aergrotans. Diseased potato. Ask if he has ever had problems with the anus or rectum. It wakes with anxiety in the morning. Rises in the night imagining that there are thieves behind the curtain.. Craving oranges. Bites themselves, their hands.

Plumbum has biting himself.

Opium has biting himself. Good possibility. It has autism.

Medicines and Supplements:

He currently is not on any medication. He has taken homeopathy for a year and a half with another homeopath.  Through homeopathy, some of Roland’s sensory issues have diminished.  The subtle changes in his character has revealed such a sweet loving little boy.  The nuances within the way autism has taken a hold of him have diminished.  Roland has come a long way in a gentle manner with homeopathy.  We have sadly come to a wall with our current homeopath.  Because of this, we started to take Roland to an osteopath (4 appointments).  We feel that he is blocked in some way.

Remedies prescribed by Deborah Olenev:

9/24/15  Medorrhinum 200C 8 pellets in 4 oz. of water. Drink 3 TBSP .

Response: his sleep became worse, biting himself became worse, food obsession increased, whininess and irritability worsened after initially being better for two weeks. There was some improvement in comprehension, and in the expanding of the range of things he was interested in. He was less envious of his sister, and nail biting lessened a little.

11/9/15 Plan wait and observe for four to five weeks.

1/11/16    Opium 200C 8 pellets in 4 oz. of water, drink 3 TBSP. Here is what I wrote to Roland’s parents about why I prescribed Opium:

Dear Parents,
The symptom of biting his arms stood out strongly from our conversation yesterday, so I focused on remedies that had this symptom in the way that you both described it and I came to a list of 14 remedies that had this symptom. The remedy I ended up with was Opium 200C. This remedy is listed for biting the arms, and is also mentioned for autism in one of my materia medicas for children. (Now I realize that I can substitute the word aphasia for autism in my materia medica searches).

Opium is listed for hyperactivity and is a huge remedy for constipation in children. It has the nightly aggravation, it can have voracious appetite, the babbling speech, and embarrassment. It has difficult comprehension issues. There is no remedy that sounds absolutely perfect, but I would like to see how far this remedy takes us.

2/15/16     Opium 200C 10s pellets in 6 oz. of water, drink 5 TBSP

4/22/16      Opium 1M 8 pellets in 4 oz. of water, 6 TBSP

7/20/16    Opium1M 8 pellets in 6 oz. of water, succuss 15 times, drink 6 TBSP

Roland’s Chart of Symptoms  from 9/22/16:

Better (If three or four symptoms in the better category get worse for two to three weeks please call or send me an e-mail.  It may be an indication that you are ready for a dose of the remedy).

The lump on the left side of his neck is gone.
Eczema on the right arm is gone.

Reading comprehension – he is flying through some of the things that were challenging for him before. He is really fast.

Dark circles under his eyes has gotten much better since he has been sleeping.

He puts himself to bed. He does wonderfully.

Demanding attention is not as much.

His whining is gone. The soul grating whining is gone.

Quickness to anger and frustration – you can tell that he is getting upset about something, but it is not as aggressive as before. He is not doing the wrist biting and running about.

Morning agg. This is still his worse time of day, but it is not as bad as it was. The mania in the morning has calmed down quite a bit.

Last week he was getting up at 2 and 3 a.m. four or five times.  This was around the full moon. Outside of that maybe there will be once when he gets up in a two week period.

Biting arms has been less. The last time it was at 100%. It is now down to 25%.

Food obsession has calmed down a bit. He is still food obsessed. It is not as aggressive as it was. Before it was all kinds of foods. Now it is strictly sugar. He doesn’t eat candy, but he loves raisins.

The hyperactivity has calmed down. It was really bad the last time we talked at 100%. It is now at 50%.

Same (The symptoms in the same category usually start to get better by six months from when you took the remedy).

Trouble holding a pencil is the same.
Always loud babbling is the same.

No improvement in his language. If it is food related he can tell you what he wants. He can say the beginning of words, like for raisins it will be rai.

He gets embarrassed, because he is eleven, and he can’t speak.
He still bites his nails.


Roland has made many gains since he began treatment exactly one year ago. He has improved in almost all areas except language. It is possible that if we continue to work with Opium in ascending potencies that it will eventually help with this symptom, or if it doesn’t, I hope we will be guided to the next remedy for Roland.

Some hints on studying autism cases:

Use the word aphasia in addition to autism and mutism when looking for remedies. Aphasia means loss of ability to understand or express speech, caused by brain damage. There are 153 remedies listed for aphasia, but only 31 for autism, and 34 for mutism. By using the older word you get a much broader range of remedies.

Humility, and presenting a realistic view of what is involved in bringing a person to health, on the part of the homeopathic community,  would benefit the general public greatly.


What is the duty of the homeopath: Service without Ego. Show up, do the work, put in your best effort with love and kindness, let go of the outcome, and faith in a higher power. These are the ingredients to making a good homeopath.

Comment from parents

I made sure that the parents approved of the article, and this is what they said: “Hello Deborah! We are so grateful to have Roland featured in hopes that it helps others. The reality of going through Autism and what healing looks like is long and deep as the journey of the soul.  You have made amazing progress with him and it is a blessing and honor to work with someone like you.  My husband and I are overwhelmed with gratitude with the many kind words you wrote about us as parents.  Not only have you helped Roland but you helped all of us grow into new spaces to become more of ourselves.  On behalf of of our whole family, thank you so very much. “


  1. Polly

    Hi Deborah!

    Thanks for the good wishes, I too hope that my son will continue to improve. But if he does not, there is no alternatives anyways. Maybe he is just not curable.

    As for the classical homeopathy, there was no autism in Hahnemann’s time. They did not have such a strong pharma drugs we have now as well. All that drug abuse makes it harder to treat people and the diseases get more complicated. There are lots of new autoimmune diseases that old homeopaths never had to deal with. I am sure that the founders of the classical homeopathy would have re-considered their principles in the present time and would have changed the rules to reflect the changing environment.

    Thanks for your articles! Also, I really like your first-aid creams. They are highly effective, and I used to treat my son’s rashes with your Urtica Urens cream very successfully. Now he does not have rashes anymore, but he gets lots of scrapes and cuts, like any kid, and I love the effect of your Hypericum Calendula cream for those.

    Best wishes to you,


  2. Deborah Olenev

    Dear Polly,
    Thank you for taking the time to write this comment. I am a classical homeopath. I do prescribe one remedy at a time, but I also understand that other people prescribe differently, and it is very good to have a dialog where these different approaches are talked about.

    I hope your son does very well under the care of Varun Gupta and yourself. Thank you for sharing the link to his book. I wish you and your family the best of health.

    In love and service,


  3. Polly

    What really beautiful is when the homeopath knows what he or she is doing, when attempting to treat an autistic kid. I’ve seen too many homeopaths who were just guessing at the remedy and the potency. I am lucky that I finally found the homeopath I know I can trust. And he is confident that every case of autism is fully curable and that gives me even more confidence in him. Personally, I am a pessimist, and I do not even believe that autism is curable in general. But if it can be cured at all, only the homeopathy has this kind of power and only the truly knowledgable homeopath can find the exact cure. And yes, my homeopath knows he can do this, because he uses his unique approach that he has discovered himself, it is a groundbreaking new way of treating complex diseases like autism. He wrote a book about it in which he explains exactly how to prescribe, which remedies go together, and what are the correct potencies, based on the person’s age. His book takes a guesswork out of the prescribing and makes homeopathy a true and precise science, in the hands of the qualified practitioner. In my opinion, those homeopaths who are not sure how to treat autism should swallow their pride and go back to school, to learn from those rare people who do know what they are doing.
    I am not sure if I can post the link to the book here, but I think that reading this book is very beneficial to both professional homeopaths and the parents of autistic kids.

    After many disappointments with several homeopaths who treated my autistic son, both CEASE therapy and the classical homeopathy, I decided to do a trial run of several remedies to pick the best one. At that point I knew nothing about homeopathy and did not even believe in it. So I decided to try each remedy out of the 35 most common remedies used in autism, one at a time. I was amazed how quickly my son responded to some of them. Most of the remedies, about 20 of them, turned out to be beneficial to him, and the initial improvement was seen as soon as on the first or the second day of administering the remedy. The remaining 15 remedies did nothing, so I antidoted them and moved on to the next one. After about 3 months of this trial, my son has improved overall, perhaps because there were more good remedies than the bad remedies. At that point I decided to stick with just one remedy for a long term, the one that showed the most improvement. It was Phosphorous. After about two weeks of administering Phosphorus 200C, twice daily, I saw improvements, but then it began to stall. At that point I met my current homeopath and he was a truly God sent. I read his book, and everything he wrote in it made perfect sense to me. His book is the true discovery in the modern homeopathy and, based on his featured cases published on his website, his success in treating autistic kids proves the theory behind his work.
    He has discovered that in complex diseases, like autism, there are several layers of energy that are deteriorated in the body and the treatment should be done simultaneously on each of the layers. Many homeopaths before him recognized that autism is a multi-layer disease, but their approach was to treat one layer at a time, with one remedy at a time, sequentially. From my experience, this approach does not work (or only works for a short time), even if you identify the correct deteriorated layer and prescribe the correct remedy, as was in the case of Phosphorus for my son. It turned out, my son required three remedies, and Phosphorus was one of them indeed. The other two, Bufo and Helleborous, I did try during my trial as well, and I liked them a lot for my son, because they describe him perfectly. But after trying them one at a time, neither one of them worked, to my great disappointment. And only after meeting Varun, my current homeopath, when he prescribed my son the mix of all three of the remedies, I saw that all of those remedies started working for him. The potency is also very easy to prescribe, no need to guess. According to Varun, younger kids, under 5-6 years old require 200C, and older kids need 1M, because the energy levels deteriorate greater with age.
    That’s what I suggest in case of Roland, you need to go back to his symptoms and dig deeper trying to figure out which layers are affected. According to Varun’s book, physical symptoms are not as important as mental symptoms or, rather, personality and personal affections, desires, affinities and passions. In my son’s case, he loves everything frogs – the books, the cartoons, the toys. He has mastered YouTube for kids app on his iPad, and he looks up new videos about the frogs, the frog songs, the life cycle of frogs, etc. When I tried Bufo (remedy that is made of frog) in my trial I thought it should be his remedy, because he likes frogs so much. Unfortunately, by itself, Bufo did nothing for my son. But after Varun prescribed it for my son in the mix of 3 remedies, Bufo started working for him. The same is for Helleborous. When I first read the description of Hell., I was surprised how spot on it describes my son. And I was very disappointed it did not work in my trial. Later, when I met Varun, and he prescribed the exact same medicines that I liked for my son, independently from me, in a mix, and they started working, that’s what gave me the confidence in his skill and game me hope for the positive outcome. So, it’s not a blind faith, like you describe above, when talking about the parents of Roland. Just the opposite, I was very skeptical of the homeopathy in general, and of the practitioners I met before Varun in particular. But now I know, if anything can cure autism, it is homeopathy. And I have tried everything in the last 3 years – chelation, vitamins, supplements, diets, herbs. Nothing had made any difference in the state of my son until I tried homeopathy on my own. Then I started believing in the power of homeopathy, especially because I was able to cure my own arthritis, after trying just a few remedies and coming upon the correct one after a couple of weeks of trials. My arthritis that I had for several years, since the flu shot that I got while pregnant with my son (this shot had triggered his autism and my arthritis), it was gone after two months of Sepia and never came back.
    I think every parent can do this, just read the description of each of 35 remedies used in autism and see which one describes your child the best. It could be several layers/remedies, then you need a mix of those remedies. Read the book as well, you will learn a lot from it. Every homeopath needs to read this book as well, so they can start treating the autism successfully. But my point is, every parent can do it, this is a lot easier than dealing with severe autism and doing useless biomedical, speech, OT and ABA therapies for years. Those had never worked for my son. The true autism is not improving by forcing a child to socialize. You can not make anybody more sociable by forcing them to socialize. If anything, autistic symptoms get worse from forced socialization, because autism, like every disease, is in great part caused by stress. And it is very stressful for our kids to have any social interactions. The best thing for them to stay away from any social interactions as much as possible. My son has no weird stimming, jerking, tantrums, meltdowns and other symptoms a lot of other autistic kids have. And those kids are a lot less severe than him to begin with. Their parents added to their kids’ problems by forcing ABA and speech or OT therapies on them. Those therapies do nothing for autism. In addition to autism, those kids become neurotic. My son has never been in any pre-school or childcare, and will be homeschooled (unschooling) when he starts the first grade in two years. I do not force any social interaction on him, he will initiate the contact when he is ready. He does it more and more lately.
    We’ve only been on our new multi-layer homeopathic treatment with our new homeopath for less than 3 months now, but I already see a lot of improvements. I do not care how long it will take, 3 years or 10 years. I just know there is no other way. He has no other symptoms, but those 3 remedies he takes. Some kids may develop new symptoms during the treatment, as the new layers reveal themselves, and they will require additional remedies added to the mix. In my son I see no new symptoms, just the same as before, but a lot less intense. He is still completely non-verbal, but it does not bother me at all. In homeopathy, the healing goes from the more essential organ to the less important ones. The brain is more important than speech, that’s why I want his brain to heal first. In some cases, autistic kids talk, but the brain is still autistic. That means that something had gone wrong, the wrong remedy or allopathic treatment was given. Yes, the kid is speaking, but he makes no sense, because the brain is still autistic. I would rather my son to be mute, but with a normal brain, than speaking and still severely autistic. Deaf and mute people, otherwise normal, can live a normal and fulfilling life. Whereas severely autistic people, even if they talk, need a constant supervision even when they are grown up, and they can not have any sort of normal life. I see that my son is becoming more and more normal every day, and this is what gives me the hope for his future. There is nothing else to be given, just the same prescribed remedies, in infrequent doses (right now one drop in water, every 10 days). This is the easiest therapy we had so far and by far the most effective. I stopped everything else – low dose chelation, after two years and no results, vitamins, herbs, supplements with no or minimal temporary results. Now I do one easy treatment, and I have a happy, healthy kid, his allergies and rashes are gone, his sleep is perfect now. He’s never been sick in his entire life, which is a bad thing, according to you, Deborah, and many other homeopaths, which is still a mystery for me why? He still does not get sick at all, but he finally started gaining weight, in spite of his usual poor appetite, but I guess his body is absorbing the nutrients more efficiently now. There are a lot of positive changes overall in the last 3 months, and absolutely no negatives, no new symptoms either. It just proves the fact that with the precisely chosen remedies there are no aggravations and regressions, just a slow, but steady improvement of all symptoms.

    Here is the link to Varun’s book, for those who are interested, it is available on Amazon and is even free to download if you have Amazon Kindle:


    This is not an advertisement in any way, just an opinion of a mother of a severely autistic non-verbal child, who has found her new hope in homeopathy, after the years of disappointments with other popular treatments. Just a few months ago I knew nothing about homeopathy and I thought it was something herbal, but in such a minuscular doses that can not possibly have any effect on anything. Only after readying Kent’s lectures, homeopathy started to make a lot of sense to me. First of all, I always believed that it’s not an organ of the body that is diseased, but rather the whole person is sick, and curing of one organ, even with a safe method like herbs, does not make a person healthy, the disease will just go to the next organ and so on. That principle of homeopathy was not new to me and I totally agree with this statement. But what was new to me, is the idea that the disease is such a subtle matter that is can not be affected or cured by a crude drug or herb. It would be the same as trying to shoot birds from a cannon, the same little effect on them. To treat a disease effectively we need something just as small, and that’s how dilutions work in homeopathy. That was a huge eye-opener for me, and now I am a big fan. In fact, I now believe that homeopathy is the only thing that can affect and cure our bodies in the most profound and long-term way. And definitely, if anything, only homeopathy is capable of curing such complex and deep-seated diseases as epilepsy, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, autism. The only reason we do not see a lot of success stories with homeopathic treatment of autism, is because autism is a multi-layered disease and has to be treated on all layers simultaneously. Only the very mild cases of autism, like the one described in the Impossible Cure book, can be cured with just one remedy. Severe cases, like my son’s, need a mix of carefully chosen remedies, and most homeopaths are not capable of doing this job. A highly motivated patent, on the other hand, can do a lot. Even if you know nothing about homeopathy, like I did not a half a year ago, just try reading the description of each of the common autistic remedies and you might find the one that describes your child perfectly. Pay attention to the mental symptoms and personality more than to physical symptoms. Most autistic kids have allergies, eczema, coryza, many kids have asthma and seizures. Those symptoms will not lead you to the correct remedy, because they are common. Speech delay is not a symptom at all, it is just the result of the autism. Pay attention to your child’s likes and dislikes, his or her desires and affinities and passions, and you will find your remedies. Good luck to all the autistic patents out there, we are all in the same boat and we will do anything for our kids! Learning homeopathy is not the hardest task. Living with a severe kid is a lot harder, as we all know.

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