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Is There One Homeopathic Remedy Needed Throughout a Person’s Life

Is There One Homeopathic Remedy Needed Throughout a Person’s Life

I received a question from a client asking: Is There One Remedy Needed Throughout a Person’s Life?

Here is my response:

Dear Catherine (name made up),

Your question Is There One Remedy Needed Throughout a Person’s Life?  is such a wonderful one. Thank you for asking it.


Question: “Would a person’s constitutional remedy be the same remedy that they were as a healthy baby? Or even just the remedy that fitted at the time of birth, would this remedy be constitutional throughout the person’s life?”


Answer: I was recently at the labor of a young woman and during her labor and after the birth, she needed five different remedies. We used Nux vomica at first because her labor was not progressing and she had a frequent need to go to the bathroom. The Nux vomica helped her dilate from 2 to 10 in an hour, whereas before she labored for five hours and did not advance beyond 2. Then she needed Belladonna for the pushing stage, because it was again stalled. She was able to push the baby out with the Belladonna shortly afterward.


After the baby was born she had a lot of blood loss,  so we gave her China officinalis, which is for ailments from loss of vital fluids. This helped her regain her strength, and reduce the bleeding. Two days later we gave her Arnica montana for the shock and trauma of the difficult labor. Four days later we gave her Ferrum metallicum for the anemia she was experiencing from loss of blood.


I am telling you this story so you can see that people often need more than one remedy, particularly in a crisis situation. This young woman and her baby are doing fabulously now.


I, personally, have taken many remedies over the course of my life, and I feel that I benefited from almost everyone I took. Certain remedies, however, worked much deeper than others, and I really felt that I was healing core wounds with the remedy. I could feel the profound healing taking place on the mental, emotional, and physical levels,  and I could feel the dreams working through many issues in the subconscious realms. Maybe one can call such a remedy a deep acting constitutional remedy.


I have had that feeling of deep healing from eight or nine remedies I have taken, so I cannot say that there is only one remedy for each individual for the course of their life. Each remedy has a gift to offer, when something in it resonates with the receiver of the remedy. I believe that many people can respond positively to a variety of remedies, and that some people may need only one remedy.


This idea that there is only one remedy for each individual has probably not served homeopathy, nor the patrons of homeopathy well, because it sets people looking for a panacea, something that will remove all their ailments for all time, and then they feel disappointed when they do not experience that panacea. A more healthy and mature attitude would be gratitude for the healing that they do receive from a remedy, and an understanding that we are complex multi-dimensional beings, with multi-dimensional traumas that can be addressed with different homeopathic remedies.


The beauty of homeopathy is that it is a science and art that reads the signposts of our symptoms. These symptoms indicate where we are stuck at this point on life’s journey. When the homeopath reads the signs, he or she tries to figure out what they are pointing to, and what remedy has similar symptoms that would resonate with the person and help ease their way along the journey.


There are many opinions about this question. My answer stems from my personal experience with homeopathy and the experiences of my clients spanning three decades. Please send me your questions. I may feature them in an upcoming newsletter.


In the Spirit of Friendship,


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