Oct 24

Bellis Perennis

Bellis perennis is the English daisy and a member of the Compositae family, from which most of our first aid remedies come from. I always felt that this remedy ought to exist in cream and ointment form, but none of the suppliers I knew carried it until Washington Homeopathic Products made if for me in 2005. This remedy has many properties in common with other first aid remedies, and has a very broad range of uses.


For some reason Bellis perennis never gained the popularity of Arnica, Calendula and many of our other first aid remedies. Most people only prescribe it for soft tissue injuries, but I discovered so many other wonderful uses for it when I researched this remedy. It appears to have properties similar to quite a number of the other first aid remedies, and I have yet to discover why it is not more widely used. If it does all the things that it is listed for it is truly a great remedy of many uses. Here is a list of some of the situations where this cream and remedy can come in handy


1)         Injuries to soft tissue: Think of Bellis perennis for injuries to soft tissue, such as the breast and abdomen. For blows and injuries to muscle tissue, bone or blood vessels think of Arnica. Please read the Arnica chapter to compare the two remedies. If a hard ball hit me in the breast, I would not hesitate to rub this cream on my breast. I gave this remedy internally to a woman who had liposuction to help heal the soft abdominal tissue, and it helped her a great deal.


2)         Sprains and bruises: This remedy duplicates many of the properties of Arnica, and is also good for sprains and bruises. It is good for the near and remote effects of blows, falls and accidents (like Arnica).


3)         Injuries to deeper tissues from surgery.


4)         Injuries to the coccyx like Hypericum.


5)         Injuries to the ligaments like Ruta.


6)      For deep trauma and septic wounds like Calendula.


7)      It is good for boils.


8)         Consider Bellis perennis if Arnica does not help sufficiently with swelling after surgery.


9)      For internal bruising during pregnancy from the movements of the fetus, and for soreness of the abdominal walls, like Arnica.


10)    Varicose veins with bruised sore feeling.


11)    Bellis perennis is known to help women who develop breast cancer after an injury to the breast.  This is the number one remedy for that.


12)    It relieves many troubles of pregnancy, such as the inability to walk and varicose veins.


13)    It helps with breast engorgement.


14)    In my research on this remedy, I also discovered that it is good for the giddiness of elderly people, and for the effects of cold or iced drinks when overheated.


Even though Bellis perrenis has such a wide range of action, for some reason it has not really come into the popularity of the other first aid remedies with which it shares many properties. I hope that once the excellent therapeutic range of this remedy is more widely known that it will be utilized more frequently.
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  1. Deborah Olenev

    Dear Lucy,
    Thank you for your work and dedication in helping people understand the risks of vaccines and hopefully finding solutions to help people who have already suffered negative effects from vaccination. I will refer people to you who can benefit from your work.

    I wish you all the best.

    In love and service,


  2. Lucy Pasteur

    While I consider myself to be an educated health advocate and coach, in my quest to make vaccine insanity cease immediately if not sooner – I became certified to administer homeoprophylaxis under Dr. Isaac Golden & Cilla Whatcott. Kate Birch spent many unpaid hours with me and even sent me her books gratis because she sees my passion to empower people to truly care about their health and find authentic health resources. I deeply appreciate healers like yourself who seek to use their knowledge to help the very next person seeking their expertise without taking advantage of them financially. sharing your hard earned knowledge to help people become DIYers is the mark of a healer who desired to emulate the ONE TRUE FAITHFUL & COMPASSIONATE HEALER.

    WorldWideChoice.org and FreeandHealthyChildren.org for HP – compassionate prophylaxis for disease

  3. Reeta Sharma

    Thanks so much for sharing this information about Bellis Perennis. l did not know that it has so many uses.
    It had helped me to recover from slip disc though.

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