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Arnica Montana Homeopathic First Aid Remedy

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Arnica Montana Homeopathic First Aid Remedy


Arnica montana, the mountain daisy, also known as Wolf’s Bane is the most well known remedy in homeopathy, and well-deservedly so. I believe that if every household in the United States had this remedy in the medicine cabinet in various potencies and in the ointment or cream form visits to the emergency room nationwide would go down by over 30%. This remedy addresses so many of the traumatic situations that drive people to the hospital.

Just as an example of the marvels of this remedy, about eleven years ago, I witnessed a bicyclist being hit by a car as I was walking home from visiting a friend who lived down the road. The bicyclist was thrown over the hood of the car and landed in the middle of the street, obviously shaken up pretty badly. I went into the house and called an ambulance, and asked the young man if he would accept a homeopathic remedy for trauma. The remedy I offered him was Arnica montana 1M. To my surprise he was happy to take it, but he refused to get into the ambulance when it arrived. He just got back on his bicycle and went on home.  The next day he put a paper bag with home baked chocolate chip cookies on my doorstep as a thank you, with a note that he was feeling fine.

So Arnica is good for these types of traumatic accidents. In these situations the endorphins kick in and the person usually says he does not need help. When you hear this from someone who has been in an accident, immediately think of Arnica, as this is one of the indications for the remedy.

The Arnica patient has just experienced trauma and is wounded. He generally does not want to be touched or approached, as he is afraid to be re-injured, and is protective of himself. This is another indication for Arnica, not wanting to be touched. After an accident the person can wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares, where he/she relives the events of the accident. He/she can have a fear of sudden death.

I had a client who was riding her bicycle in Mountain View and was hit by a man in a pick up truck. She greatly benefited from a dose of Arnica 200C, and her description of the trauma that she felt is a good example of a situation where Arnica is needed

“What I noticed last night is that I have some pain on the side of the head. I feel some sort of confusion as though someone had taken me and shook me or hit me. I think I may be in shock. This morning I noticed that I have a pain in the right side of my neck. I also have a feeling of being cut off. My thinking has slowed down. I feel confusion in the head. I feel like everything is at a distance. I just feel separate, and the tiredness.

The advice people give me just confuses me. I don’t want to do anything. When I lie down it is not comfortable. The pressure of the bed on those parts hurts. When I lie on my left side I feel like my ribs are crushing me.

I am less worried about the physical stuff than the mental stuff. Fear is starting to set in. I told my son that I don’t want him biking to school anymore. Last night I was feeling angry. I need some sort of acknowledgment that it’s not okay to hit someone.”

Her description points out some of the key features of Arnica:

a)       Shock and trauma.

b)       Mental confusion.

c)      A feeling of uneasiness and restlessness in bed. The patient is forced to continually move. Staying in one position for too long increases the bodily soreness.

d)      Fear of being injured, or of loved ones being injured. Fear of sudden death.  Nightmares of the accident.

e)      A feeling of weakness and weariness of the whole body and of being bruised.  If you hear someone say that they feel like they have been run over by a ten ton truck think of Arnica.

f)       Joints feel sore, swollen and lame is another characteristic of the remedy.

g)      A peculiar symptom of Arnica is that during a fever, or from shock after an injury, the head will be burning hot while the rest of the body is cold.

These are examples of serious trauma where Arnica is needed in potency. Most people experiencing this degree of trauma would be taken by ambulance to the emergency room, where hopefully they would be given Arnica in high potency by the emergency room staff. Here is a list of situations where Arnica would be useful on a regular basis and emergency basis:

1)       Accidents: Arnica is the first remedy to be thought of for an accident victim. It works swiftly to relieve shock, allay pain, stop bleeding and promote healing. Arnica not only stops both external and internal bleeding, but hastens the absorption of blood and fluids. This means it can effectively reduce the swelling from sprains and other traumatic injuries. Reduced swelling means less inflammation, less pain, and faster healing

2)      Prior to dental work where there is an anticipation of pain or trauma give Arnica 30C the night before. This can greatly assist with tooth extractions, and root canals. It can also be administered afterward. Arnica will minimize trauma, swelling, pain, and bruising. I recently had a root canal and I just applied Arnica and Hypericum cream to my cheek in the area the dentist worked on. This took away any pain I had after the procedure, so I did not need to take an internal dose of the remedy.

3)      Prior to any kind of surgery I recommend taking a dose of Arnica in potency. For minor surgeries a 30C is sufficient, but for major surgeries, I usually administer a 200C dose.

4)        Bruises: Arnica should always be thought of for bruises. You are supposed to cover the entire area of the bruise with the cream or ointment, and put a gauze pad over it. This should help the bruise heal very quickly. It is recommended never to apply Arnica cream to open wounds, but to use Calendula or Hypericum cream in this situation.

5)      Head Injuries or Concussion: Arnica is the first remedy to think of for head injuries. When there is trauma to the head with unconsciousness, pallor, drowsiness, weak pulse, cold surface, and other indications of shock a dose of Arnica will alleviate the shock and promote healing. It can even help with injuries to the head that occurred many years earlier. This remedy is often followed well by Natrum sulphuricum for the chronic effects of head injuries with accompanying depression. If it is a serious head injury, I would give the remedy in a 30C, 200C, or 1M dose depending upon the severity of the injury and what potencies you have on hand. For minor injuries to the head, such as a baby rolling from the bed onto the floor, or getting knocked in the head by a swing, Arnica cream should be sufficient. If you still have concerns about the injury a day or so later, you can administer the remedy in the 30C strength.

6)       Sprains: Ankle sprains and sprains of other joints can be helped by Arnica.  It will take away the black and blue appearance of the sprained joints in a very short time, and relieve the lameness and soreness. Arnica should also be thought of for back and hip joint injuries with lameness and soreness. I would apply the cream to the sprained joint several times a day to hasten the healing of the joint. If the person is not on a constitutional remedy, I would just administer Arnica 30C in this situation.

Rhus tox is another remedy that can help with sprains. When Rhus tox is indicated for injuries there will usually be a feeling of tightness, tension, stuckness, stiffness, or cramping in the affected part. Rhus tox is also well known for the keynote symptom of aggravation on initial movement, and amelioration once the part or the patient is warmed up. You should consult your homeopath to see which remedy is best for your sprain.

7)       Muscle Strain from Overuse: I would apply Arnica cream to sore muscles that one gets from overexertion, such as doing too much gardening. Arnica can be used in situations where the person has never felt well since a physical over-exertion.

8)      Birth Trauma: Arnica is a good remedy to help both mother and child recover from the trauma of labor and birth. I remember when my third child was born he was not wanting to nurse right away, as my other children had done. I gave him a dose of Arnica 12C and he proceeded to nurse normally. I wonder whether rubbing some of the Arnica cream on the baby’s forehead would have reassured him just as well, and helped him with the birth trauma.

9)       Pregnancy and Labor: Arnica cream rubbed on the abdomen can help women who feel sore and bruised from the movements of the fetus. Also think about Bellis perennis for this.

10)     Injuries: Arnica should be administered in potency for injuries where the flesh is crushed and torn. It is also good for gunshot wounds, and for wounds caused by blunt instruments. It is better to apply Hypericum cream or take the remedy in potency for injuries to areas rich in sentient nerves, such as spinal chord injuries and injuries to the fingertips and toes, as it works far more effectively than Arnica in this situation. Do not apply Arnica topically to open wounds instead apply Calendula cream topically and take Arnica orally in potency for these kinds of injuries. 

As you can see Arnica is a huge remedy that has a wide variety of uses. It can even be used in febrile diseases and in chronic complaints where its characteristic indications are present. Arnica cream is a very good way to get the healing properties of this medicine to work for you in first aid and minor traumatic situations.


To buy Arnica Montana Cream, from the First Aid Creams Company, please click here.

To watch a slide show about Arnica montana, please click here.


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