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Ruta Graveolens A Homeopathic First Aid Remedy

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Ruta Graveolens A Homeopathic First Aid Remedy

Ruta graveolens is another one of my favorite remedies and creams, because when I need it it doesn’t disappoint me. I actually had a call to use it recently after twisting my waist too hard in my Latin American dance class. I endured the pain for about a day and then I decided to see if the Ruta cream would help. I applied the cream to my waist at night and when I woke up in the morning the pain was gone.

I had another similar experience about four years ago when I twisted my upper thigh doing T’ai Chi Ch’uan exercises. I lived with that pain for about six months, and then I decided I had had enough of it and applied Ruta cream to the thigh.  The pain left within a day and I never had a recurrence of that pain. These are two personal testimonials of the power of this cream to relieve pain. In both instances the type of injury was a twisting injury, and the sensation I was experiencing was a twisting pain, which is characteristic of this remedy.

I also use the cream from time to time when I strain my shoulder by pushing a shopping cart that is too heavy for me. I just apply the Ruta cream and my shoulder feels better soon afterward.

One of the most dramatic experiences I had with the Ruta cream was with my eldest son. He broke his forearm when he was sixteen years old while trying out his friend’s skateboard. At the emergency room they bandaged the arm, but did not set it, telling us to make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor to set the bone. The emergency room doctors did not give him anything for pain relief. That night he woke me up saying that the pain was too intense and he couldn’t take it anymore. I studied his symptoms and decided to give him a dose of Ruta 30C. The remedy helped him with the pain very quickly. He was able to get to sleep and woke up pain free in the morning.

I have given Ruta many times to clients with knee injuries from playing sports when they have pulled a ligament or a tendon or torn the miniscus. The remedy has a reputation in these kinds of injuries and it unfailingly lives up to that reputation.

From the case examples I have listed above, you can see that this is a great remedy for sports injuries. Wouldn’t it be great if all nurses offices, hospitals and gymnasiums kept a jar of this little cream and the remedy pellets in their first aid kits for muscle pulls, strains, twists and other mishaps that frequently happen when one exercises too vigorously?

In the new method of case taking and analysis taught by Rajan Sankaran, he teaches that when selecting a remedy from the plant kingdom, you have to match the sensation of the patient’s pain to a remedy that has a similar sensation. He has developed a chart of plant sensations to help practitioners find the plant family that matches the patient’s sensations the best. Looking at the chart I see that Ruta graveolens is a member of the Rutaceae family, and the sensations common to these plants are squeezed and then broken or crushed, squeezed and compressed, constricted and squeezed, twisted and broken and crushed. It also has choking and strangling sensations. The patient is usually ameliorated by stretching. Matching the sensation of the patient’s pain to a remedy with a similar sensation is a good way to confirm the prescription. From the examples I gave above you can see the twisting sensation that I was experiencing matched the twisting sensation of the Rutaceae family.

Now I would like to talk about the types of conditions that Ruta graveolens can help with.

1)        First and foremost think about Ruta graveolens for injuries to the ligaments, tendons and the periosteum or lining of the bones. This remedy is of use in areas where the skin is close to the bone, and in injuries to cartilage and fibrous tissue. (Remember Hypericum is for injuries to nerve tissue, Arnica to muscle  tissue, and Bellis perennis to soft tissue.) Ruta is for fibrous tissue such as ligaments and tendons. Keeping these few essential facts about the remedies in mind will help you greatly in knowing which one to select in a trauma situation.

Consider Ruta in fractures, or bruising of the bone and the periosteum from injuries such as a blow from a hammer. The injuries can be slow to heal from, and there can be a lot of pain in the bones as well as bruising.

Under this category of injuries you can think of muscle pulls and strains. Injuries where the parts are twisted, such as in the thigh and waste injury I mentioned above. Ruta is well known for injuries to the thigh. Knee or ankle injuries where the ligaments or tendons are pulled and torn fall under this category of complaint and can be greatly helped by this remedy.

2)            Overstrain, overuse, overexertion are all words that apply well to Ruta. Examples of overuse types of injuries that Ruta is well known for are:

Tennis elbow. Ruta is a specific for this situation.

 Carpal tunnel syndrome. Ruta is of great benefit for overuse injuries of typists, musicians, computer programmers and other people who use their wrists excessively.

Eyestrain. Ruta is the remedy you need to think of for non-inflammatory injuries of the eye that are caused from overexertion of the ocular muscles. Seamstresses, people working at the computer for hours at a time, or anyone else doing fine work with the eye can benefit from this remedy for their eyestrain. It is also good for headaches and vision disturbances caused by overuse of the eye. I would suggest dabbing the cream around the eyes to help relieve this symptom, or you can take the remedy in potency.

3)            Hardened or thickened areas or nodules over the bones, periosteum or tendons caused by overuse or injury. Construction workers, mechanics and farmers who develop these thickenings or nodular growths on their hands from holding their tools all day long can benefit greatly from Ruta. This remedy can help when there has been permanent flexing of the hands or feet caused by overuse or exertion of the hands or feet.

One of my husband’s relatives has permanent flexing of the fingers of his hands and of his toes. At a family reunion one day, he complained about his arthritic pains and I asked him if he would like to try some Ruta cream to see if it would help. It turned out that this cream helped him a great deal with the pain, and I have been mailing him bottles of the cream ever since.

4)        Back Problems. Think of Ruta the remedy and Ruta the cream for helping to relieve back pain. The characteristic Ruta back pain would be a bruised sensation, as though the person had fallen on the back or received a blow to the back or coccyx. Ruta also has weakness and lameness of the back and lower extremities from overstrain, lifting or spraining the back.

Other back problems that Ruta addresses are herniated disks with characteristic Ruta causation, such as overstrain and overextertion. The remedy helps people who strain their backs easily, or where the vertebrae slip out of place easily. Think of Ruta for morning back pain and for wounds to the spine.

5)            Dental and Mouth Problems. This remedy has a wide field of action where it comes to dental problems. You should consider Ruta for the following conditions:

a)    Trauma to the tooth, where the tooth is loosened in the socket or knocked out of position.

b)    Bone and periosteal pain following dental surgery, or pain after injection of a local anesthestic.

c)     Pain of dry socket, at the beginning of an infection.

d)    To help reduce the pain and trauma of tooth extraction, if Arnica does not help sufficiently.

e)    To ease the discomfort associated with fitting and adjusting braces.

f)     To help heal jaw fractures.

6)            Sciatica. Ruta can help with very severe sciatic pains with the characteristic Ruta pain sensation listed above, as well as bruised and darting pains. The pains are often aggravated at night when the patient lies down, and are worse on first motion like Rhus tox. The pains begin in the back and extend to the hips and thighs. 

7)            Prolapsus ani. Ruta is good for prolapsus ani and many other symptoms pertaining to the rectum, including constipation. It has pain in the rectum when sitting, and is a good remedy for hemorrhoids and strictures of the rectum where the symptoms fit with Ruta.

8)            Lameness after sprains, especially of ankles, wrists and

 knees. Ruta is one of the first remedies to be thought of for injuries to the knees. It is good for bursitis of the knee, and is useful where the knees give way on going up and down the stairs, and the foot turns under from weakness of the ankles. The hamstrings feel shortened and weak.

9)            Surgery. Ruta should be given after joint surgery to assist in healing.

10)          Ganglion on the wrist.

11)           Pain in the feet. Ruta can help with pain in the bones and tendons of the feet. The pains are aggravated on stepping, standing and walking. The pains in the feet are often described as bruised, sore, raw and tender.

12)          Other things to know about Ruta. Ruta is a rheumatic remedy, meaning that the patient is aggravated by cold, wet and stormy weather. Ruta helps with the bruised bone pains from injuries, strains or dislocations.

As you can see there is a great deal to be said about Ruta graveolens as it has a very wide range of usefulness. This is a remedy and cream that would not sit idle in your medicine chest.


To buy Ruta Graveolens Cream, please click here.

To see a slide show about Ruta Graveolens, please click here.


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  1. Deborah Olenev

    Dear Angela,
    I am sorry for my delay in responding, and also sorry about your dog’s spine injury. One of the best remedies for injuries to the spine is Hypericum perforatum. I would be more inclined to use Hypericum than Ruta for such an injury.

    Here are links to the Learn About Pages for Hypericum perforatum and Ruta graveolens on my firstaidcreams.com website.



    I hope that your dog recovers soon.

    In love and service,

    Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA)

  2. angela bacon

    I have a dog who injured his spine. I took for chiro but he still seems out of sorts. Before spine injury oddly his anus area went into spasm then stopped after a short time. He has had anal glad problems in the past. Wondering if this remedy would help? I am taking him to a different chiropractor for a better adjustment soon. Thank you.

  3. Deborah Olenev

    Dear Rosalee,
    Thank you for your inquiry. You can purchase Ruta graveolens cream on Amazon.com or the firstaidcreams.com website. Here are links:

    Ruta on Firstaidcreams.com:


    Ruta on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K9V99IE

    I hope the cream will work well for you.

    In love and service,


  4. Rosalee Adams

    I have inflammation of the tendons/ligaments and am interested in the cream for
    Ruta Graveolens
    Where can I get it?
    Thanks for any assistance

  5. Deborah Olenev

    Dear Madhavendra,
    Thank you for writing about your son’s knee injury.Ruta is listed in bold for the knee giving way, but there are 99 other remedies also listed under knee giving way.For this reason, it would be good for your son to visit a homeopath who can take his complete case, and find a good constitutional remedy for him that can strengthen his knee. This is not an uncommon symptom, and many remedies are listed for this, so your son should be able to find relief from this with homeopathy.

    I wish you and your son all the best.

    In love and service,


  6. Madhavendra Singh

    Dear Ms. Olenev, 8 yrs back in 2010 my son (now age 27 yr) injured his right knee ACL which was investigated to be partially torn through MRI and other orthopedic examinations. We did not go for any surgery so far. Due to this lax ACL his leg gives a way at times when he tries to run, jog or play. Twice we tried with Ruta200 but with no success. Could you please suggest us a suitable remedy. Many thanks and regards

  7. Deborah Olenev

    Dear Gina,
    I am very sorry about your dog’s injury. Hypericum perforatum is listed highly for spinal injuries and for the spasms after injuries. Your dog would probably benefit from a single dose of Hypericum 12C or 30C.

    I hope this helps your dog recover quicky.

    In love and service,


  8. gina

    interesting .. my athletic boxer/bulldog suffered a twisitng injury to her lower spine when she got caught in her leash while jumping/turning … I grabbed her and the muscles in her back up the right side were spasing! The next morning the vet confirmed there was some nerve injury due to the fact she was not able to put her foot down properly. Well of course the vet gave her muscle relaxants, cortizone and she has been resting and minimal activity for almost 3 weeks. the vet said it was ok togive her leash walks but 10-15 minute on level she is active and happy but is limping on her leg a lot. I also took her to he chiro afte rit happened and he gave her lasor/light therapy and prescribed just b12 abd folic acid combo,
    I would like to give her some homeopaths if it isnt too late and am unsure is I should give her Ruta or Hypericum? Could you possibly suggest which remedies and dosage that might help her recover? She was a very active dog and is somewhat depressed at having little activity *(.

  9. Deborah Olenev

    Dear Nikki,
    Thank you for your question. A Single dose of the Ruta grav 30C should hold at least three months, and should not need to be repeated before that.It is also important that the remedies you are choosing are homeopathic to your dog’s case. Some questions that need to be investigated are which joints are affected: the small joints, the large joints; how are they affected by heat, cold, movement? What are the concomitant symptoms? What is the mental and emotional state. If the painful joints are ameliorated by cold applications it is good to consider Ledum cream.

    I wish you success in helping your dog feel better.

    In love and service,

    Deborah Olenev

  10. Nikki

    Can the Ruta Grav 30c be given long term to a dog for arthritic joints, I already apply Rhus Tox with Ruta cream to her joints
    Many thanks

  11. Deborah Olenev

    Dear Isabel,
    Thank you for your question. Ruta graveolens may be used in children. As to whether it would prevent and heal the tendency to worms, I cannot say. It is not generally what the remedy is known for, but it is listed for worms in my materia medica search program.

    The best treatment for worms would be the constitutional remedy for the child. Another thing that can help is to dissolve one teaspoon of food grade diatomceous earth in a smoothie and give that to your child once a day. This will kill off the worms. Garlic can also be helpful, or a supplement with wormm wood.

    I wish you all the best.

    In love and service,


  12. Isabel Governo

    Hello, Sorry to disturb you. I live in Portugal and saw your page. I became curious about Ruta Graveolens. Do you know if the cream may be used in children? Can it be useful on massages on the abdomen to prevent and treat the tendency to worms and general Ascariasis?
    Thank you in advance

  13. Deborah Olenev

    Dear Piya,
    Thank you for your question. Calendula officinalis is listed for wounds that reopen in bold. The word you used, however, was scar and not wound. There are 19 remedies listed for scars that reopen. All of them are well-known homeopathic constitutional remedies.

    If you want to take a single dose of Calendula officinalis in the 30C strength, and observe yourself for four weeks to see if it helps, you can do that. If it does not help, I recommend that you consult with a homeopath who can take your complete case and find a remedy that will help you with this symptom and your general health.

    I wish you all the best.

    In love and service,


  14. Piya

    Dear Ms. Olenev, I’ve recently suffered from abdominal muscle strain. I am taking arnica 200 as of now. But the scar tissue re-tears and is causing a lot of pain. Can you please let me know if I should take ruta or rhus tox. The pain is sharp tearing/cutting pain and burning.

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